Do You Need an Accounting Coach?

When you play sports, it's likely that you will receive instructions from a coach. The subject of accounting is so complex, that it is probably wise to learn via a coach. Therefore, if you are asking do you need an accounting coach, the answer is yes, you do.

Website: AccountingCoach.com

Owner: Harold Averkamp CPA, MBA

Cost: Three tiers - Free, $49 (Pro), $99 (Pro Plus)

Rating: 5 Stars (out of 5)

Accounting Coach Main Screen


Right off the bat, let me state that this is an exceptional program for anyone who wants to learn accounting quickly and completely. I have read many books on the subject and taken courses, including college classes. Nothing compares to the comprehensive nature of AccountingCoach.com.

In this review, you will learn about what the service entails and how you can benefit from it. 

I am a fully paid member (Pro Plus) and have NOT received any incentives to endorse this product. I do not receive any commission from this review!



  • Intuitive interface - easy to use and understand.
  • Concepts explained clearly
  • Resources available are astoundingly good
  • Comprehensive material
  • Captures (and keeps) your attention
  • Plenty of material included in the free version


  • Some quizzes contain material that wasn't covered in tutorials (minor)
  • Q&A Section a bit cumbersome to use


I cannot imagine finding a better program to learn accounting than the one offered by the Accounting Coach. Sure, there may be one available that's better, but why bother looking for it? You have everything you need with this course.

If you are looking to pass the CPA exam, I don't believe this course was designed for that. It's a beginner course. However, if you need a refresher of basic accounting concepts for the exam, you'll be served well by signing up for this service.

How I Started

It's likely that many people start with the free training. That is how I got my start. After using the service for about a half day, there was no question that it was time to sign up for the premium version. To me, the $99 is a steal (don't tell Harold that - he may raise the price! Shhhh!)



The only difference between the Pro and the Pro Plus memberships is that the Pro Plus includes certificates for certain areas of accounting. At the time of this writing, they are shown to left of this paragraph.

If you truly feel that you don't need these certificates, then by all means, save $50 and sign up for the Pro version. You still get killer content.

People and companies are always impressed by certifications, though. Having a certification from a qualified resource such as AccountingCoach.com is likely to carry a lot of weight. It's something to consider when signing up.

I do not see any provision that lets you upgrade from Pro to Pro Plus. You would likely have to email the customer support to find out if this is possible.

What You Will Learn

Technically, you could jump around from topic to topic. You could select any topic that you are interested in learning. If you are familiar with accounting concepts, that could be a way to go. However, I would suggest starting from the beginning and going through the Accounting Basics module first. Even if you have some accounting chops, this module will help refresh concepts you have likely forgotten about. It will also explain concepts that you may not have grasped during your initial studies of accounting.

You will learn about the differences between accrual and cost accounting and you'll understand those differences well. You'll also learn about the fundamental principles of accounting, such as the matching principle, conservatism, materiality, and a whole bunch of others. Again, you will know these well after going through this course.



You could well imagine that based on my glowing review of AccountingCoach.com, the testimonials would be strong for the course, and you are right. If you hold the belief that testimonials are bogus and can be made up, understand that the Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on the practice of providing bogus testimonials. The risks to most website owners is not worth it. Therefore, I would conclude that the testimonials for this service are 100% real. Based on my assessment this course, there isn't any reason for me to believe that false testimonials were obtained.

Having said this, some websites may not publish complaints from users. I don't think this service has anything to worry about in this regard. If there are complaints, the number has got to be small. I would go so far as to guess there aren't many at all. If there are, they are likely from people who didn't follow the training.

Money Back Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

In case you aren't happy with this course, no worries! Mr. Averkamp offers a money-back guarantee. It's good for 60 days. If you are truly trying to learn accounting, however, it's not likely you will return this product...just saying!

Go Ahead - Sit on the Fence - But Don't Stay There!

Any service that isn't known can cause people to be apprehensive about shelling out bucks. I get that. The point is, you can sign up for AccountingCoach.com for free. There is a fair amount of material that is included for free, probably more than there should be, in my opinion.

The point is, while you can sign up for free, there is nothing to stop Mr. Averkamp from changing the membership to include considerably less as part of the free membership. When you consider that the paid membership is a lifetime offer, you essentially protect yourself from losing out if the content in the free membership dwindles. I have not talked to or communicated with Mr. Averkamp and I have no idea what his plans are for the future of this website. However, I have seen quality services change. If you are sitting on the fence and the service changes, you'll regret not upgrading. It is as simple as that!


If you are unwilling to put in the effort and the time, don't bother paying for this course. You won't get anything out of it. The subject of accounting is a dry topic, although Mr. Averkamp makes it less dry in how he presents his course. Still, you must go through the material and do the exercises. 

Bottom Line

If I appear to be overly enthusiastic about this service, I apologize. I am not like that with many of my reviews on other websites that I have written for. I tend to be bit more critical than people would like. However, with AccountingCoach.com, I feel it is the Holy Grail of accounting training. You'll learn and you'll learn well. You will have a solid grasp of accounting concepts that you can take with you and you can review it any time you feel you need to refresh your knowledge.

With the free option and the 60 day guarantee, the biggest accounting question you'll face is why are you waiting to sign up?

You Need an Accounting Coach!

Sign up for your free Accounting Course subscription!


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