How Custodians Protect Your Brokerage Account

How does your broker protect your money and account information? The work of custodians is everything. Custodians protect and manage your assets between you and your broker. We’ll explain how custodians secure your brokerage account in this piece. Brokerage accounts need custody. They assure accurate transactions, asset protection, accurate records, and timely tax payments. Investors […]

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3 Implications of Companies Hoarding Cash

“Save for a rainy day.” How many times have you heard that phrase? For many of us, it’s good advice. It’s scary to scramble to find cash when an emergency occurs. But for companies, it’s not so straightforward. Saving for a rainy day is not the best use of investor money and causes companies to […]

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When to Use CUMPRINC and CUMIPMT in Excel

Calculations for Real Estate

Have you ever seen references to functions in Excel but weren’t quite sure what they did? The CUMPRINC and CUMIPMT often fall into this category for people. However, once you learn what these two functions can do for you, you’ll be happy you took the time to learn them.If you have ever bought a home, […]

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