Why Finding Competitors Is Tough

Competition Chess Pieces

When analyzing companies, you’ll often find you need to analyze the competitors of the companies your are considering. It makes sense, as the industry is a factor in your analysis. But when you start your search, you learn why finding competitors is tough. We’ll explore some of the issues in this article, as well as […]

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Why Earnings May Be Deceiving You

Recording Increased Earnings

Earnings, especially earnings per share (EPS), are the little darlings of Wall Street. It is something all the financial pundits drool over. When a company announces earnings that are greater than anticipated by analysts, the stock often soars into the stratosphere. This article will debunk the earnings myth and show you why earnings may be […]

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Why Dividend-Paying Stocks Can Be Safer

It may seem like a strange statement to make on why dividend-paying stocks can be safer, but they can. The way they offer safety, though, is subtle, and will be described in this article. It’s probably not what you think, but it’s still good!Are Dividend Stocks Safer?Dividend stocks, by themselves, aren’t any more safe than […]

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Understand the Drivers for Growth of Your Companies

When you understand the drivers for growth of your companies, you’ll gain confidence when investing in them. You’ll have the right mindset when companies release their financial information. This mindset is unconventional to most investors, and it is powerful for you as an investor.Companies increase their revenues for a variety of reasons. Most investors simply […]

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What Are the Risks of Investing in Stocks?

Risks of Investing in Stocks

Have you ever been burned when you bought a stock? You buy it and shortly thereafter, it tanks. It almost seems like they were waiting for you to buy before they started dumping the stock.I know because I have been in that situation before. Luckily, I have learned how to manage the situation so it’s […]

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What to Know About the Current Ratio


On the surface, the current ratio is a simple calculation. You take the current assets and divide it by the current liabilities. Dig deeper, though, and you’ll find there is more to the picture. Learn what to know about the current ratio.SummarySource: Balance Sheet Type of Ratio: Liquidity Strength of Ratio: Weak to Medium Meaning: The Current Ratio indicates […]

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Turn Google Sheets into a Financial News Hub

RSS Feed

Bookmarking financial websites has its uses. However, if you have done it for any length of time, you know it gets cumbersome to manage. You still want easy access to your favorite financial websites, right? Learn how to Turn Google Sheets into a Financial News Hub from the information in this article.What’s In This Tutorial?A […]

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Challenges When Analyzing Financial Data

Challenges When Analyzing Financial Data

We all love free, right? This fact is as true in the financial markets as it is anywhere else. But free can be costly, especially when it comes to the accuracy of financial data. Data providers that offer free access to financial data make no warranties about its accuracy. That leaves you wondering about the […]

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Reconciling the ROE with an Example

Reconcile Numbers

You’re a finance person, right? If you’re not, why would you be on this website? Maybe you’re looking to become a finance person, or maybe you want to get better at investing.Whatever your motivation for learning finance, you’re likely to come across financial ratios. It’s not the only financial concepts that you’ll work with, but […]

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