Simplifying the Income Statement

Someone seeing data

It’s a bit dangerous to propose that the income statement of a business can be simplified. If you were to make a business decision (stock purchase, buy a business, etc.) just from this idea, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble financially. However, simplifying the income statement is a good place to start your […]

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Get Out of Debt Before Investing

Get Out of Debt

With the exception of a mortgage, you should get out of debt before investing. Loans types other than mortgages detract from your investing returns.Within this article, I will refer to debt as credit card debt, car loans, and personal loans. Because mortgage rates are low enough, it’s possible to carry a mortgage while investing, and […]

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Is There a Stock Market Plunge Protection Team?

Financial Intervention

Have you ever heard of the Plunge Protection Team? It was created as part of an executive order passed by President Ronald Reagan in March 1988. The official name of this executive order is the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets. Many believe its purpose is more insidious than the official intention of the group […]

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Do You Need an Accounting Coach?

Accounting Coach Main Screen

When you play sports, it’s likely that you will receive instructions from a coach. The subject of accounting is so complex, that it is probably wise to learn via a coach. Therefore, if you are asking do you need an accounting coach, the answer is yes, you do. Website: AccountingCoach.comOwner: Harold Averkamp CPA, MBACost: Three […]

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The Impact of Opportunity Cost

Net Trying to Catch Cash

Do you know what opportunity cost means? How about the impact of opportunity cost? Is this something you should concern yourself with? The truth is if you don’t consider this concept, it could cost you significant amounts of missed opportunities.People avoid the concept of opportunity cost because it’s abstract. It’s not something that is published […]

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