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Google Sheets for Financial Statement Analysis

Main Screen for Google Sheets

Did you know that you can use an add-on for Google Sheets for financial statement analysis? Google Sheets does contain a function to obtain financial data, but it’s limited in what it returns. In this article, we’ll explore an add-on that can be beneficial in this type of analysis.Why Google Sheets for Financial Statement Analysis? Defining […]

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Simplifying the Income Statement

Someone seeing data

It’s a bit dangerous to propose that the income statement of a business can be simplified. If you were to make a business decision (stock purchase, buy a business, etc.) just from this idea, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble financially. However, simplifying the income statement is a good place to start your […]

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Do You Need an Accounting Coach?

Accounting Coach Main Screen

When you play sports, it’s likely that you will receive instructions from a coach. The subject of accounting is so complex, that it is probably wise to learn via a coach. Therefore, if you are asking do you need an accounting coach, the answer is yes, you do. Website: AccountingCoach.comOwner: Harold Averkamp CPA, MBACost: Three […]

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