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Accounting Equation Defined

Accounting People

The accounting equation is a fundamental concept for investors, accountants, and business owners. It is a simple formula, yet when arranged in the preferred way, causes confusion for people. The goal of this article is to help define the accounting equation formula, and to show why the preferred format is used and how it makes […]

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Google Sheets for Financial Statement Analysis

Main Screen for Google Sheets

Did you know that you can use an add-on for Google Sheets for financial statement analysis? Google Sheets does contain a function to obtain financial data, but it’s limited in what it returns. In this article, we’ll explore an add-on that can be beneficial in this type of analysis.Why Google Sheets for Financial Statement Analysis? Defining […]

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Simplifying the Income Statement

Someone seeing data

It’s a bit dangerous to propose that the income statement of a business can be simplified. If you were to make a business decision (stock purchase, buy a business, etc.) just from this idea, you could find yourself in a heap of trouble financially. However, simplifying the income statement is a good place to start your […]

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Do You Need an Accounting Coach?

Accounting Coach Main Screen

When you play sports, it’s likely that you will receive instructions from a coach. The subject of accounting is so complex, that it is probably wise to learn via a coach. Therefore, if you are asking do you need an accounting coach, the answer is yes, you do. Website: AccountingCoach.comOwner: Harold Averkamp CPA, MBACost: Three […]

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